mercredi 11 juin 2014

The Return of Ivan - Russian Military Upgrades (TheoRisk)

TheoRisk : “These are 13 fresh must-reads in english/french about the current russian military. For about 10 years, Russia is making its best to be a smart regional power capable of defending quickly its territory, its interests and its close neighborhood, sometimes without firing a bullet. The “velvet annexation of Crimea” is already a greatest hit in every military academy.”

Russia’s New Generation Warfare In Ukraine: Implications For Latvian Defense Policy (National Defence Academie of Latvia : "According to an innovative Latvian assessment, the Russians are inventing a 21 Century approach to military power. It is neither hard nor soft power, but the use of hard power as the underwriter of a strategic communication strategy to achieve objectives short of an all out war. [...] Neither asymmetric nor convention, the Russians are shaping what this researcher calls a strategic communications policy to support strategic objectives and to do so with a tool set of various means, including skill useful of military power as the underwriter of the entire effort. [...] Thus, the Russian view of modern warfare is based on the idea that the main battlespace is the mind and, as a result, new-generation wars are to be dominated by information and psychological warfare, in order to achieve superiority in troops and weapons control, morally and psychologically depressing the enemy’s armed forces personnel and civil population. The main objective is to reduce the necessity for deploying hard military power to the minimum necessary, making the opponent’s military and civil population support the attacker to the detriment of their own government and country."

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